Ballroom & Latin Dance Classes in
 Lee on Solent, covering the following area's-
Gosport, Stubbington, Fareham, Hill Head.


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Been to one of my classes and want to leave some feedback then please feel free to email me and I will add your comment onto the website. Thank you to everyone for all the lovely messages I receive. It is my pleasure to teach you all. Eileen

We like some dances more than others, but there is not one we would not be willing to have a go at. We like the ' pay as you go ' nature of your classes as there are several Tuesdays we are away from home - enjoying our retirements and visiting family, none of whom live locally. 
We feel the class is a highlight of our week.
Valerie and Vaughan SEPT 2014

JUNE 2014 below are some of the comments I received after announcing that I was giving up teaching my classes in Southampton....

Ur teaching is fabulous. Enjoyed ur dance lessons immensely. Take care. Hope to see u in the future. Vanessa xx JUN 14

I am sorry that you are moving on, and leaving us behind. As I said to you once before, some time ago, you are by far the best dance teacher I have had (although I have a rather limited experience of about 8 teachers.)  I love your clear precise style, and the way go through from the basic steps of a small part of a dance right through rise & fall, timing, by yourself and then with partners.  I also agree with you that it is so important to keep changing partners. I wish you well and success  Eric JUN 14

You will be sorely missed at Southampton, as a first rate teacher and lovely, inclusive personality. I'm sorry to have missed last Monday. In case I don't see you before you leave, my very warmest wishes go with you for your future. Rosie JUN 14

Wishing you a lovely evening as you celebrate your wonderful class. I'll raise a toast from Germany Audrey JUN 14

Thank you for the enjoyable lessons I have had with you & I do wish you great happiness in the future. With best wishes, Vivien JUN 14

I am so sorry you won't be teaching on a Monday after this month,  I really enjoyed your classes, Beth :-) x JUN 14

I am very sorry to hear that you are giving up teaching the Monday class at Southampton.I have greatly enjoyed these classes and have gained much from them thanks to your great teaching. Kate JUN 14

We will be very sad to see you go but of course wish you all the best. Thanks for all your hard work and patience, Natalie and Mark x JUN 14

I am very sad that you won’t be at Southampton any more..You are such a great teacher and I have learnt a lot from you and you have been kind enough to allow me to learn the mens steps at the early class which has been fascinating and fun. Thanks very much and see you for cha cha next week! Lou JUN 14

Really sad to hear that news. I don't think I would've stuck with ballroom if it wasn't for your teaching. None of the other ballroom classes I went to previously managed to keep my interest and just weren't as fun as other styles until I found yours. Stewart...JUN 14


Oh my goodness! we are obviously very disappointed but hope that this won't mean we don't see you again.  We have so enjoyed our time dancing with you.. Beverly and Philip xx JUN 14


Incredibly sad news :(( I've thoroughly enjoyed ballroom with you every step of the way, even if I haven't on the odd occasion felt like going out on a Monday night at times, it's always lifted my spirits once I was there.  I will miss you tremendously.. Love S-J JUN 14

It is good that so many people are showing an interest in ballroom dancing.  I do really like the style of teaching, and friendly and professional nature of the staff. Kind regards, Carol MAR 2014

Thank you once again or hosting a wonderful social evening.  It was a lovely atmosphere. Stephanie DEC 2013

Thank you Eileen and all of your brilliant team! It was a great party, the time just flew by! xx Lesley DEC 2013

Hi Eileen

Whilst writing I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed your class on Tuesday, we not only learnt the social Foxtrot but also the Foxtrot, which we had not done for a long time. For me your teaching style is one of the best, you not only teach the steps but also the style of the dance, posture and rise and fall, which was great. Thank you very much. Kind regards, Lorraine & Ian NOV 2013

Hi Eileen I think I can speak for all of your bunch (of dancers) that we thoroughly enjoyed last night - you are a 'star'.   I personally did not realise that I could do so much, with the encouragement of the others!. 

A great evening and hope that some how more of them could be arranged. Kind Regards John  SEPT 2013


Dear Eileen

 Just to thank you for organising such a lovely social evening.  Mum and I really enjoyed it.  You created a very welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.  However, it did make me realise how little I remember of any of the dance routines apart from the very basic steps!

See you next week. Stephanie  MAY 2013


Hi Eileen,

Just wanted to say what fun we had learning the Samba. We had one lesson a long time ago, so we know what it is supposed to look like. We really enjoyed it, and want some more please. Kind regards Pauline & Eddy. MAY 2013


My husband and I came to our first class with you last night and had a great time.  We very much look forward to seeing you the week after. Barbara Okill APRIL 2013


I am very much enjoying Eileen’s Monday class, have even bought shoes and so love them that am sure they are the start of an expensive habit!       

Warm regards Min   MAY 2012

 Hi Eileen, Roy and I had a fabulous time Monday we both really enjoyed it, when’s the next social??? Love Roy and Janx MAY 2012

We really enjoyed your social on Monday and look forward to hearing from you later in the year re future events. Sue and Paul MAY 2012

Hi Eileen 

Thankyou very much for such an enjoyable evening,  went home tired but happy,  had lots of dances which was great,  Beth x :-)  MAY 2012


Thought I'd let you know, I really missed dancing last night.   Fully appreciate you are allowed a day off, but looking forward to getting back to normal next Monday. Have a good week and see you for Waltz next monday  Audrey  APR 2012


We appreciate the hard work you do with us all. Clive and I were just saying today how much we have learnt in a year since coming to Fun2dance. Met some lovely people as well. We think we learn because we are relaxed and you make it that. Although we have a 45 minutes journey it is worth every mile and on the way home we have time to talk over what we have done. Look forward to seeing you on Monday. Thank you. Dix  MAR 2012


Keep up the teaching your very good  Josie  FEB 2012


Eileen I thought you managed so many people brilliantly!!  Felt a bit self conscious but it was ok Tina Blackmore  JAN 2012

Hi Eileen

Thankyou again for such an exellant level of teaching

Beth :-)  JAN 2012


Hi, We had a lot of fun! we did laugh alot at how rubbish we were, but will be back on monday to laugh at ourselves again.
regards Roz  JAN 2012


Just wanted to say Roy and I had a lovely eve on Monday, obviously made even better for Roy as he won an award!! It was perfect , thank you very much for organising it and we both hope you have a great break over xmas and see you in2012!!!
Keep Dancing         Love Jan and Royxx DEC 2011


Dear Tracie and Eileen, I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for your time. I understand you must be very busy and i really appreciate the time you've taken. Your classes are well structured, well taught and have a lovely relaxed atmosphere about them. I can now clearly see how using dance as part of a rehabilitation program can be very beneficial. Many thanks!   Victoria  NOV 2011

Hi Eileen
I am sorry for the delay but I wanted to say thank you for such a great evening on Monday at your social dance. I had a lovely time.
I am looking forward to getting my life back soon and to do a lot more dancing and I still hope to do all the waltz classes!
Best wishes Marie SEPT 2011

Dear Eileen and Tracey

Clive and I would both like to say a huge thank you for the last four weeks learning the Waltz.  We really felt last night that we had come a long way from when we started with you. We both felt that having the four weeks all in one block was so great and gave us the opportunity to really concentrate on one dance.

I think you must have put a lot of thought and time into all this and thank you on behalf of Clive and myself for that.  I hope all the regular, loyal dancers continue to support you as well. You work so hard to make our evenings fun and exciting and for that we thank you.  I must admit when I first started I felt shy but have gained confidence through getting to know you so well and being able to have fun which makes the evening such a great night out.

With love Clive and Di SEPT 2011


Thank you Eileen.

I would never have done it without your encouragement and support.

Regards, Clive. SEPT 2011


Hi Eileen
Thank you, a dancer I will never be but do enjoy trying very much - they make it look easy on Strictly, as do you and Tracie floating around the floor :)
Jx AUG 2011

 Subject: Thank You!

for a fabulous 4 weeks of waltz - I love the dance. The waltz has been a tonic I've needed
  So many thanks. S-J AUG 2011


Very friendly & relaxed atmosphere, nice venue. Eileen breaks down every movement, making it easy to learn. You don't need to go with a partner!!!! Good choice of music too. Gabi APR 2011


Hi Eileen,

Just wanted to say thanks for the Paso class this Monday. I really enjoyed it and it left me with a big grin on my face when I left probably more so than any class I've been to any time recently. I though it was at about the right level for what I was hoping for, each set of 8 steps was reasonably straightforward to learn, and the biggest problem was trying to remember the sequence when stringing them all together at the end.

The other 4 people I came with (all regularly do general ballroom classes - I've done about 10 in total but don't do it regularly) seemed to all really enjoy it too (2 of them had already done a basic lesson in the past).

Thanks again for the lesson - very glad I came - great fun :-D

Regards, Stewart,..APR 2011


I'm really enjoying the lessons and everyone agrees the teaching is great - we seem to learn such a lot but it's also great fun.  So thank you! 
Best wishes Carolyn MAR 2011


Hi Eileen

Both Clive and I never realised when we first came to your classes how much we would enjoy it.

We have had a whale of a time - been overwhelmed more times than we can remember and every week have a "post mortem" in the car on our journey back to Salisbury.  However, we find no problem with the distance although we are dog tired by the time we get home but happy. It makes us realise how little we had learnt prior to coming to fun2dance.

 Finally, and most importantly a special thank you to you and Tracey for making us feel very welcome.  We are beginning to relax more now - I know Clive is very often the naughty boy but that is Clive in everything he does.

 We are looking forward to the Paso Doble next week - it sounds fun and I neither or us have the faintest idea how to do it.

Kind regards  Diane and Clive MAR 2011


Thoroughly enjoying the weekly Ballroom and Latin classes and look forward to going each week - whatever the weather! Eileen and team are brilliant and make the classes fun which aids learning. TeresaB MAR 2011


Hi Eileen You beat me to it – I was going to email you today – to thank you, Tracey and Sarah Jane for a lovely dance – Richard and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Many thanks Naomi MAR 2011

Lovely classes with a very dedicated and patient teacher. The lesson structure (1 week latin, 1 week ballroom, and then re-cap both in the third week) really helps me retain the steps and techniques. The tea dance last year was also a fantastic chance to practice everything is a fun, social setting. Strongly recommend Eileen and the team! Keep dancing. : ) Amy MAR 2011


We have not only thoroughly enjoyed these classes but have made terrific progress from being complete beginners. Eileen is an excellent teacher with the patience of a saint! Great crowd, very friendly atmosphere, good location - see you on Monday Sue and Alan FEB 2011


Hi Eileen had to let you know what a fab evening Roy and i had last night. The food was great and the dancing was superb.
 See you Monday  Janice FEB 2011


Hi Eileen      Richard and I wanted to thank you, Tracie and Sarah-Jane for a really enjoyable time.  I have always wanted to dance but felt I couldn’t dance, so it was a real joy to feel able to dance, albeit at a basic level, I loved it.  It was a real ‘scary’ thing for both of us to come to dance classes, especially at our age and inhibitions about dancing, but finally we have done it! All our practicing at home has been crucial – to be able to remember the steps, or at least most of them. I have been surprised at what a good exercise workout dance is. Many thanks for your patience and kindness to both of us.  Naomi  DEC 2010


Hi Eileen
Just to say I'm thoroughly enjoying your ballroom dancing classes - well done. 
Best wishes Teresa NOV 2010


i really enjoyed the classes, brilliant teaching and a good crowd of people.
thanks, kate NOV 2010


I enjoy your classes and like your style of teaching. I haven't been able to attend due to work commitments and travel problems (I live near Basingstoke and don't have a car!) Hope to return to your classes soon. – Sarah NOV 2010


Hi Eileen

 To give you some feedback I thought the pace of the lesson was excellent and it was a sense of achievement to put some steps together by the end and at least feel like we were dancing.  You have a difficult job to please everyone but I for one (and my partner) really enjoyed it.

 Have a good weekend and I will look forward to the class on Monday,

 Thanks Natalie SEPT 2010