Ballroom & Latin Dance Classes in
 Lee on Solent, covering the following area's-
Gosport, Stubbington, Fareham, Hill Head.


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The Team

Hello my name is Eileen Sinclair and I am the principal teacher at Fun2dance. I have been dancing since the age of 11 and started at The Dorothy Whitbread School of Dancing in Portsmouth. I took the professional teaching exams in Ballroom & Latin Dancing in 2009 and am affiliated to the IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association).
I have also learnt Salsa, La Rueda and Bachata.
Attending many dance classes over the years, I have been to good and bad schools and so have taken all the good bits and created Fun2dance where the emphasis is on having FUN. It is much easier to learn when you are enjoying yourself. The qualities of a good dance teacher are patience and passion, and I have oodles of both.
With the aid of my helpers we will teach you the technique, as well as the steps and teach the guys how to 'lead' and the ladies how to 'follow'. Because the men are the boss on the dance floor (ladies have to follow the men) but this ONLY applies on the dance floor, as soon as you step outside, ladies you are back in charge!!!
My mission is to teach the world to dance. Everybody should try some form of dancing in their life. As well as being a very sociable hobby I believe it helps those who suffer with depression and a lack of confidence. If you have any concerns at all then please do speak to me first and I will be more then happy to help and advise you.

Also assisting me are....
Hello my name is Amy I take the Absolute Beginners class at Lee On Solent.
I did ballet and tap classes (not far enough for Pointe shoes, but I know my plié from my pirouette) as a child then started dancing salsa at the beginning of 2009 to give me something fun to do after work – mild mannered mathematician by day, dancing fiend by night! What started as one night a week rapidly spread to two, then I started the Ballroom classes in the September of that year and found I was dancing most nights.
I am currently taking the IDTA medal tests for Ballroom and Latin dancing and one day hope to turn professional.
As well as salsa and ballroom I have a great love of kizomba too, and am quite partial to a barn dance! So if you fancy a cheeky cha cha cha, floaty foxtrot, saucy salsa, whimsical get the picture… come and find me!
Dancing is great fun, very addictive and good for you. Plus you get the chance to make some really great new friends. So what are you waiting for? Come and give it a whirl!
Looking forward to seeing you on the dance floor soon.

Hello my name is Chris. My first dancing experience came from being brought up with dancing parents.

They taught sequence & old time dancing and would compete in local amateur competitions – my father was still dancing till a stroke stopped him at 90 years old.  

I started attending Ballroom and Latin classes for a few years in the early 90’s before my career commitments put this on hold. A career change in 2009 brought more freedom and allowed me to start attending classes again. I love it and wish I had committed to it years ago.

I am currently studying the technique of Ballroom and Latin dancing set out by the IDTA to improve my dancing and to have a better understanding of how to teach the steps.

Hello my name is June and you will find me on the door on a Tuesday night as well as on the dance floor. My dad taught me to dance and I have fond memories of standing on his feet, as he danced me around the room. As a teenager I was into Rock n Roll dancing. My husband wasn't a dancer but I always wanted to learn properly after my experience of dancing with my father, so in the early 90's I went along to Beryl's classes (who taught at Lee on Solent until her retirement in 2012) and attended lessons until an illness stopped me in 2006. I was unable to dance for 6 years until Eileen took over the classes and asked me to help her. I am very pleased to be back dancing again.