Ballroom & Latin Dance Class for 
Adults in Lee on Solent, covering 
Gosport, Stubbington, Fareham, Hill Head.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear? Anything you feel comfortable in, some people wear jeans other people dress up. Skirts with no give are not suitable, as you won't be able to stretch your legs. Rubber soled shoes and flip flops are not suitable, something with a smooth sole is better. Ladies may wish to wear a heel especially for the latin dances. There is no need to rush out and buy dance shoes (as they are expensive), but once you've decided that dancing is for you then I do reccommend that you invest in a pair, as outdoor shoes are stiff and don't allow you to use the balls of your feet and get up onto your toes. As soon as I put my dance shoes on my feet are ready to dance. If you want to invest in a pair then please visit the Link page where you will find information on where to get them.

I don't have a partner, does that matter? No, we encourage single people to come along and we normally have a good ratio of men to ladies so you all dance together. Couples can either dance together or change partners. Changing partners aids your learning and you will meet more people. I have never had a dance partner but that didn't stop me wanting to learn something I loved doing. I got more experience by dancing with many different dancers.

Do I need to book? No, you can just turn up on the day and pay on the door. Please arrive 10 mins early on your first night to fill out a quick registration form. You will be asked for your email address, this is so I can send you a monthly newsletter, your details will only be used by Fun2dance and Tracieslatinclub (for Southampton) and not be passed onto anyone else.

Do I need to pay for a course? No, it 's pay as you go. Sometimes we have special offers where you can pay for a number of weeks at a discounted price but you can still pay the weekly rate if you want to.

You are teaching the Waltz for 4 weeks but I can only come for 2 weeks, it is worth me coming? Yes, as you will pick up some steps, so the next time we do the Waltz you will remember some of it and will be able to build on the dance.

I have never danced before and I am 60+, will the classes be suitable for me? Yes, it is never to late to learn to dance. You will just wish you started years ago.

Do you have children's classes? No, not at the moment but if the parents are attending the class then teenage children can join in too at the same price.

What if I only want to learn the slower/faster dances? I would advise that you try all the dances, as you will not know until you try which dances suit you and you never know you may find that you LOVE them all. Don't give up after your first class if you feel it didn't suit you, some people are better at Ballroom and some at Latin. So presevere it is something brand new to you and you can't expect to be Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers on the first night.

How do I know if I am ready to move onto the next level? When you can dance the steps without instruction including the technicque, then you are ready. Remember the old not run before you can walk, it is better to learn the basics well before learning more complicated steps. If you are not sure, then ask me and we can assess your dancing.

Are you there every week? Sometimes we close on Bank Holiday weeks and at Lee on Solent the hall is used 3 times per year for Blood Donors, so please always check the calendar or the monthly newsletter which will be sent to you via email.

Are your classes suitable for beginners? Yes we assume you know nothing and will start you with the very basics

Still have a question then phone or email me, details are on the contact page.